Celebrating 25 Years of Planet Hollywood

On May 17th 1993 London bore witness to one of the most glamorous restaurant openings ever. Looking more like the premiere of a Hollywood blockbuster, 100 A-List celebrities of the time such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze were greeted by an estimated crowd of 10,000 as they opened London’s Planet Hollywood.

Being less than 2 years old when this happened, I’ve grown up with Planet Hollywood as a staple of novelty London restaurants joining the list of Hard Rock Cafe & Rainforest Cafe.


I guess without Netflix they wasn’t much else going on that evening…

Yet in the last 25 years these restaurants have become less glamorous. When I think of Planet Hollywood I think of overpriced and unsatisfying burgers. However I make this assumption without ever actually setting foot in a Planet Hollywood. So I thought why not take this opportunity to find out what Planet Hollywood has to offer a brunch loving, craft ale swigging generation on a budget!

Sadly Bruce & his kick-ass fedora were nowhere to been in 2018.

Planet Hollywood are marking their birthday not only by bringing back some favourites from the original menu, but also offering all the food at 1993 prices (brilliant for a generation who constantly bemoan inflation rises since the early 1990’s).

Joining me for the restaurants big day are my flatmate and our respective partners. None of which I would claim are fussy eaters but then again I wouldn’t find any of them willingly eating in a Harvester!

Whilst the menu on offer was much smaller than usual, the prices were nearly 50% cheaper (basically bringing the burger prices in line with Dip n Flip).

Considering expectations were low, the only food which let us down were the cheeseburgers which were dry. You won’t find me raving about the food it was pretty much generic chain restaurant food, however portion sizes were amazing for the price and the service was pretty good too!

In all honesty, I still find it mildly confusing that the restaurants opening was so well attended and I struggle to justify the existence of Planet Hollywood to a generation of Deliveroo loving and street food devouring adults. But it was a genuinely entertaining evening out, made even better by chicken served with some grated carrot in a glass!

unnamed (1)
Maybe not the most Instagrammable food…


Lunchbox Travels Recommendation: If you’re looking for a something touristy/a little bit tacky this is a great spot! Keep an eye out for offers like their For Your Eyes Only menu to make the most of your money. 

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